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13 Days DJ
Crash Course

RS: 35,000


  • Headphones.

  • A Notebook.

  • Preferable if you have your collection of music.

What's in it for you:

  • To be featured on our YouTube channels.

  • Featured on a priority basis on our DJ booking site.

Course Details:

  1. DJ setup, Basic overview of CD machines, Mixer & Headphone.

  2. Basics of sound frequencies and equalizer.

  3. Counting bars and common song structure.

  4. Equipment set-up.

  5. A tracks basic foundations.

  6. Using hot cue’s.

  7. Beat matching.

  8. Analyze and detect the tracks for perfect "Harmonic Mixes".

  9. Musical harmonic mixing.

  10. Phrase mixing.

  11. Looping.

  12. Using various "FX".

  13. Importance of "EQ".

  14. Various genre’s song structures.

  15. Eq mixing techniques.

  16. Music management.

  17. Sound Check

    Duration: 13 Classes, 5 Days A Week

    Language: English & Hindi

DJ Institute In Hyderabad
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