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Success Story Of Arvind

Meet our very first student who enrolled at our school to ace the art of DJing in July, 2018.
Arvind, a resident of Vikarabad district, Telangana, travelled 300 kms everyday by train, another 25 kms by bus to reach our school. Within 3 months, he completed his course and was ready perform.

Initially, he was worked as a wedding DJ in his hometown and earned around ₹1,000 - 1500 per event. 
Passion and hard work never fail, as evident from Arvind's story. Arvind had an opportunity to perform for one of the biggest Holi event in 2019. Seeing the student's dedication, Destiny School of DJ provided him with opportunities to perform at local pubs in Hyderabad. In the next 1 months, Arvind got residence in a local pub, as well as deals for private events in Hyderabad and Vikarabad. He now works as a resident dj at night and performs for private events in day time. Arvind achieved his dreams!
What are YOU waiting for?

Here are few videos and pictures of his journey