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Do I need any DJ Academy certification or licensure to become a Good DJ?

There are no certification or licensure requirements to become a Pro DJ.

But There are also a number of skills and insights into this field you must have in order to ensure your guests don’t leave early or unhappy.

  • Just because you like the music doesn’t mean everyone at the party will also like the music. Prior to mixing 200 tunes, meet with your client to ascertain what kind of music he or she wants.

  • Learn different styles of music; become well-rounded

  • Whether you use CD’s, vinyl, or laptop, have an index and backup music on-hand in case the party begins to fizzle.

  • Master how to use a Mixing Desk, and what is a gain, an equalizer, a PFL button, what is balance, a crossfader, AUX sends, etc.

  • Know how to play vinyl, MP3’s, CDs, etc., and how to operate a computer.

  • Understand digital distortion

  • Understand syncing, nudging, crossfading, and sound effects, as well as reverbs, grind effects, loop effects, flangers, bouncer effects, delay effect, and vocoders

  • Understand how to use DJ Midi controllers

DJ’s must also be able to fix their equipment if it malfunctions during a performance. They should also have good communication, be personable, be flexible and have excellent listening skills.

Now, You need to devote your time and yourself into DJing. You can start learning this skill by joining the our DJ Academy Hyderabad or by watching various tutorials on YOUTUBE. We also post some tips and POV of our mixing on our YouTube official channel . You can start by using the basic software's like Rekordbox, Serato, Taktor & Virtual DJ. They will help you in understanding the skill digitally. THE MORE YOU PRACTICE, THE BETTER YOU GET.

If you have anymore queries get back to us.


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Do I need Certificate to become a Pro DJ?


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