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How Much Do DJ Make Per Night?

Ever wondered how much a DJ makes per night in the party world??

Well, A lot of factors count into how much a DJ earns. Here are few important factors you need to know before you know exactly how much a DJ makes per night or else you can just skip to the end section of the blog.

Education & Training

At this time, there are no degree programs in DJing. Although DJ schools and classes do exist, a large portion of DJs are self-taught. To lay a solid foundation for success as a DJ, practice is integral. Get familiar with multiple types of technology and mixing software, so that if there’s ever a technological malfunction at the club, you can still play. Hence consider joining a DJ School like ours to hone your Skills and make a career in DJing

Experience & Skills

DJs must have experience with more than one operating system (i.e. CDJs vs turntables), as technology can often backfire, and it’s always good to be prepared. Production experience is essential for those who want to create their own tracks and play them out when they perform. Networking and social media skills are vital for any DJ to build up a fan base. It’s important to get to know Promoters, Talent Buyers, and other DJs. You also have to interact with your fans, whether it’s through conversations and interactions on social media, or through just straight up putting on a good live performance that communicates your passion for the music. To take their career to the next level, a DJ must also know how to produce their own tracks and write their own songs. DJs who write their own songs provide a unique experience for concertgoers and can also capitalize on licensing income.


“First and foremost you must love music. Without the love you’re nothing more than a jukebox”. For a DJ, money can’t be the main goal. “I always tell people if you’re in this for the money then you’re in the wrong place. When you’re starting out there is always someone who will be willing to take your gig and play for free so you have to know that you’re not going to make much, if anything at all until you build up your fan base.” To build that fan base, as well as their professional contacts, DJs must also be comfortable networking and meeting people. In the same way, fun-loving and outgoing types make the best DJs because their excitement translates to the audience, who will also respond in a similar way. Versatility, adaptability, and a hunger for knowledge and improvement are key.

How much does a DJ earn?

The world’s most successful DJs can earn hundreds of thousands of dollars for one night’s performance, but the majority of DJs earn far less. DJs who perform at clubs and events can earn anywhere from Rs. 4,000 to Rs.1,50,000 per performance, and possibly more depending on their experience and following. In general, wedding DJs can charge more per performance, but the investment required to perform at weddings is typically high.

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