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When You Are Learning How To DJ, What DJ Gear Should You Buy To Get Started?

Choosing Your Right DJ Gear: A Comprehensive Guide


Embarking on a journey into DJing can be an exhilarating experience. However, selecting the right DJ gear is a crucial step in ensuring a smooth start to your musical adventure. This guide aims to help you navigate the myriad of options available, taking into consideration your budget and commitment level to this new endeavor. In the end we give you our personal preferences and what DJ Gear we recommend to our students here at our DJ school who take DJ Course from us in Hyderabad or Online to learn how to DJ.

Types of DJ Gear:

1. DJ Controllers: The Gateway to Modern DJing:

DJ controllers have become the go-to choice for beginners. These compact devices combine controls for decks, mixers, and various functions, along with an audio interface. Simply connect it to your laptop running DJ software, and you're ready to go. They offer excellent value for money, portability, and limitless potential based on the software they control. Keep in mind that while DJ controllers are versatile, they may not always be compatible with every DJ booth setup in the club and you would require to carry extra cables to use your controller.

2. Digital Vinyl Systems (DVS): Bridging the Analog-Digital Divide

DVS systems allow DJs to use existing gear, such as traditional turntables and mixers, with the help of specialized devices. By using control vinyl or timecode CDs, DJs can seamlessly integrate their analog setup with digital DJ software. This flexibility makes DVS systems an excellent choice for those already invested in traditional DJ equipment.

3. Modular Midi DJ Systems: Tailoring Your Setup

For those seeking a customized approach, modular DJ systems offer flexibility by allowing you to mix and match specialized controllers. This approach enables you to design a control surface that suits your specific preferences and needs. When building a modular system, ensure that at least one component includes an audio interface to connect headphones and speakers. (Not really recommended when you are starting out)

4. Pro DJ Gear: Elevating Your Craft

Professional DJ setups are the pinnacle of DJ equipment, commonly found in top-tier clubs and festival booths. These setups boast multiple media players (CDJ’s), a 4/2 channel DJ mixer (DJM), and advanced features. While they offer incredible capabilities, they come at a higher cost and require substantial space. Investing in pro gear is ideal for experienced DJs looking to elevate their performances.

5. Legacy DJ Gear: Nostalgia Meets Practicality

Old-style turntables and CD players, while considered legacy gear, can still be a viable option for certain DJs. However, it's essential to consider the availability of music formats and venue compatibility. If you're passionate about vinyl, consider complementing your setup with a DVS system for added versatility.

Choosing Your DJ Setup

For most beginners, a modern DJ controller offers the ideal starting point. Consider your budget, preferred software, and user reviews when making your selection. If you're interested in alternative setups, ensure they align with your DJing goals and existing equipment.

Remember, your DJ gear is a tool to express your creativity. As you progress, you may find yourself upgrading or experimenting with different setups. The key is to choose equipment that empowers you to create and share your music with the world. That being said, we prefer pioneer setup anyday, as it is easy to connect with Rekordbox software which makes transitioning to a flash drive DJ easier once you prepare your set; Here is our recommendation depending on your budget. DDJ FLX4: This is an entry level controller, light weight, rugged and easy to plug and play anywhere. Good place to getting started

DDJ 800: This controller can be considered as low middle range budget wise and gives you the very similar feel of your standard industry DJ console setup.

DDJ 1000: This is Best in mid range budget controller money can buy. Has 4 channels so you can get creative and give you the confidence to use and understand industry standard pro setup. We use this here to teach all our students. You can also consider buying All In One Setups like XDJ’s. This setup works with laptops as well as flash drives. You can choose the best fitting your budget, but we’d prefer XDJ-XZ which is almost a replica of PRO DJ Setup. If you want to explore your musical creativity there are more controllers which offer what Pro DJ setup doesn’t. For example we recommend you check out controllers like DDJ RZ, DDJ FLX10. But that being said, there are more options to figure out what best suits you. I hope all this information was useful to making a more informed choice. All the best!

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When You Are Learning how To DJ, What DJ Gear Should You Buy to get started?

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