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How To Choose Your DJ Laptop: Guide For New DJ's

"Why do I need a DJ laptop anyway?" It’s a good question, because while ‘laptop DJing’ is pretty common nowadays, it’s by no means the only way of DJing. Maybe you just want to use CDs, which is another common way of DJing. or maybe you’re fancying DJing from your iPad. or maybe you’ve spotted a ‘no computer required’ DJ system, using USB pens or drives to hold your music that you plug into it, and you fancy DJing in a manner similar to that. You still need a laptop. So why do you need one? In short, in order to prepare your music for DJing with. Because unless you intend only to play vinyl, using old-fashioned record decks, your music is going to be digital, and that means you need a laptop to deal with it.

Should I buy a new laptop or use the one I’ve got?

The good news is that if you already own a laptop and you bought it within the last five years, it will almost certainly be good enough to get going with. All modern laptops can run the software needed for anything a DJ is likely to want to do. When it’s time to buy a laptop for DJing with, though, there are a number of considerations.

- Get something sturdy. DJ laptops tend to have rough lives.

- Get something with a big, clear screen. DJ software is notoriously busy.

- Get something with enough USB sockets. DJs tend to want to plug things into their laptops.

- Make sure you have enough memory and hard disk space, and go for SSD if you can.

Mac or Windows?

This is a debate that rumbles on and on and will probably never be definitively won by either side. The truth is that both platforms can do the job well, and both can let you down. Because DJing is such a mission-critical application, and because Macs have a great track record of reliability, DJs have taken to Macs in their droves. If you can afford it, you may choose to go for a Mac, but if you want to use a Windows computer for whatever reason, don’t be put off. A good Windows laptop will serve you just as well, and you’ll get the same spec for slightly less money.

Now coming to most Commonly asked question by our students here at our DJ Academy is; Which laptop brand should I buy for DJing? Let me be real honest with you, a laptop brand is just a piece of logo on it with real to no value at all. I personally will always choose a windows laptop, the user interface is very easy for anyone with zero knowledge on computers. Now coming to what you should look for in a laptop, the important Specifications and my own experiences with different laptops. Minimum Specs:

Processor: Intel

Processor Model: i5 (6th Gen)

Ram: 8GB

Storage Type: HDD (cheaper than SSD)

Storage Amount: 1TB (1000GB)

Windows Version: Win11/10/7 Our experience with different laptops; We started with an old laptop from 2010, with intel i3 processor and 2GB ram using Serato software, but once we shifted to industry standard software the “Rekordbox” version 5 & 6 we had to upgrade our ram to 8gb and performance was smooth as butter. Then we shifted to a new laptop from the 2022 model, which had an AMD processor without knowing that rekordbox is not 100% compatible with it. Though with updates, the lag issues have reduced but we recommend using Intel processor laptops only. Before switching to AMD, We had the opportunity to use a Macbook pro, though it is smoother, we did experience crashes a couple of times when we tried to use some features in rekordbox. For now, it is always safer to choose Intel over AMD if you are going to want to hook up external DJ hardware (CDJs,Mixer & Controller) to your computer. Currently, a lot of hardware companies release drivers for windows based on Intel processors rather than AMD since Intel is the more common CPU. Hope all this was helpful. If you have questions please reach out to us. If you want to learn the art of DJing, you can always opt for our hands-on 1-on-1 online classes or join our Dj Academy In Hyderabad and enroll in our Pro DJ Course. To know more please contact us!

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What brand of laptop should i buy for DJing?

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