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8 Tips On How To Become A Pro DJ?

It is easy to become a DJ but it takes a lot of skill to become a professional DJ. To begin with, one needs to understand what a DJ does. The fundamental skill set a dj needs to possess is to perfectly mix two tracks.

In order to mix tracks well, let us look at a quick checklist.

We’d suggest you join a good disc jockey school because they'll teach you from the scratch literally and figuratively!

Tutors in a DJ j school are known in their industry and apart from DJing, they also share multiple stories, narratives and experiences that help you in the long run. Seriously, they've been there, done that! Some of the basics that you need to get in your toolkit is: cueing, beat matching ,beat jump, counting bars, releasing.

Tutors also conduct exams and if you clear, it'll propel your DJ career with the certificate. You can call yourself a 'certified dj'.

Well, there goes the conventional story of the everyday DJ

But here, at Destiny School Of DJ we won’t conduct any exams because we believe DJ-ing is a creative field and one can’t validate one’s creative ability by any sort of exam. Conducting exams are more or less futile because DJing is an art and any exam will only make the student more nervous and prone to make mistakes.

We believe in passion and on site training and just make ourselves loud and clear that it is okay to make mistakes while performing. After all, it's just the beginning.

As you get to learn and grow in the field, there are chances you will not repeat the same mistake twice.

If there are no dj schools available near you, you can use the old school trick of visiting popular djs in your locality and asking them to teach you the skills needed to kick-start your career. You can also use the trusty Google god.

Let's talk about equipment.

For starters, I suggest you buy basic dj equipment except for the speakers and headphones- they need to be of a superior quality. As you grow in the industry, you can upgrade your equipment. You can start practicing at home with your basic equipment. If you come across a bumpy road, you can ask the professors in your dj school to mentor you.

Again, go back to our trusty Google, and explore more about basic equipment and second hand gear. Also watch out in this space for more information on equipment.

Let's talk Skills!

  1. The first step would be familiarising and identifying genres of music.

  2. Learn how to mix without the help of SYNC. This will help you in the long run.

  3. Learn how to use Dj softwares which connect with your DJ equipment like Rekorbox. Serato & Traktor.

  4. Learn how to mix two songs from different genres.

  5. Learn to read a crowd. (This will come from performing live)

  6. Learn to take adequate requests.

  7. Learn to listen to other DJs, even If you feel like you don't want to. Some of the most important tips you can get from it

  8. This one is the most important, "learn to give your best to your crowd". This will save your career. Always give your best, even if you don't feel like it. This is because word of mouth travels fast. People want to go to a dj who gives his best so do event managers and other DJs who look for headliners.

Now, You need to devote your time and yourself into DJing. You can start learning this skill by joining our DJ Academy in hyderabad- Destiny School Of DJ or by watching various tutorials on YOUTUBE or on our official channel . You can start by using the basic softwares like Virtual Dj, Cross Dj. They will help you in understanding the skill virtually.


If you have any more queries get back to us.


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